Industrial SERVICES
Our activities started since 1982 by representing companies working in the cement industry.

And soon were extended to cover all kinds of industrial plants covering various equipment and machineries.

We now represent & cooperate with different international companies, working for the following industries :

  •  Utilities ( Power Generation & Transmission )
  •  Oil & Gas
  •  Cement
  •  Fertilizer
  •  Construction
  •  Industrial plants & private Sectors

Services & Installation
We have extended our activities in the field of services, from local engineering, disassembly, erection, installation up to commissioning & training. 

We can offer the local services (Civil, Mechanical & Electrical) for all kinds of industries.

We do work as general contractor in the field of power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Retrofitting & Modernization of Electrical networks, on turnkey basis for total solutions.

Our strengthening fields & flexibility are related to our services, from basic supplies up to turn key projects executed by our experienced team and also through our partners around the globe.
Services for the Power Generation and Transmission
  • Complete turn Key electrical substations 66/20/11/6.6KV.
  • Overhauling and updating the electrical and control system.
  • Protection, Control, SCADA & Monitoring system for all electrical substations.
  • Supply of all medium voltage equipment AIS & GIS including erection and commissioning.
  • Supply of different electrical components to electrical substations.
  • Consultancy for Power Transmission & Distribution.
  • Services packages including erection, installation & training.
  • Engineering, Design & Procurement.
  • Civil engineering.
Cement Industry
T-Technologies has supplied equipment, engineering and services for many of the major cement producers in the region, as well as, the majority of the independent companies.
We provide solutions for:

Cement manufacturing:
  • Storing
  • Grinding
  • Conveying/ Metered feeding
  • Material analysis/ Finished product after separation
  • Material analysis/ Finished product for dispatch
Raw Material Preparation:
  • Pre-reduction plants
  • Bulk material storage & blending
  • Conveying & metered feeding
  • Grinding & drying
  • Separating & collecting
  • Material analysis
  • Blending & storage
  • Conveying & dosing
Factory automation
  • Master process control system POLCID
  • AQCnet software package for POLAB laboratory automation
  • Laboratory automation system POLAB shuttle
  • Laboratory automatisation system POLAB ACT
  • Laboratory automation system POLAB AMT
  • Automatic sample preparation module POLAB APM
  • Adaptive mixture control
  • Sampling systems
Clinker production:
  • Material analysis/Upstream of Kiln feed
  • Preheating
  • Calcining
  • Material analysis/Hot meal
  • Burning
  • Cooling
  • Material analysis/Clinker
Oil & Gas (Industry) 
  • Engineering and design: process control systems design including:
  • Functional Design Specifications,
  • Detailed drawings (wiring, P&ID, control cabinets, system layout etc.)
  • Instruments detailed sheets.
  • Control Cabinets assembly.
  • Procurement, installation, calibration and pre-commissioning of process instrumentation
  • PLC & SCADA programming
  • Emergency Shut Down, Fire And Gas systems (SIL 2 and SIL 3)
  • Pipeline telemetry and SCADA systems design and implementation.